Social initiatives

Beyond professional endeavours, our Managing Director, George Bancs, is committed to giving back to society. He actively participates in community initiatives, supporting organisations dedicated to education, environmental conservation, and social welfare.

Prevention through early intervention

Gunawirra is a community-led organisation that works closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families, children, and communities to help them reach their full potential. Their focus is operating programs that build capacity and confidence towards healing, resilience and self-reliance. These practical grassroots programs advocate healing through culture, leading to improvements in health and educational outcomes.

Here, life is for living

Bear Cottage is the only children’s hospice in NSW, a very special place dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions. It is set up to provide excellence in paediatric palliative care 24 hours a day, with access to some of the best medical resources in the world.

Your journey is our mission

Little Wings is a non-profit organization that provides free, professional, safe flight, and ground transport services for seriously ill children in rural and regional NSW and the ACT. They proudly support children experiencing serious illness across all domains, from the physical to the psychological.

Good works

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 45,000 members and volunteers who work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. The Society aspires to be recognised as a caring Catholic charity offering 'a hand up' to people in need, advocating on several pressing social justice issues such as homelessness, poverty and asylum seekers.

Supporting young people when cancer turns their world upside down

Canteen provides free and tailored support to young people aged 12-25 who are impacted by cancer, whether they are dealing with their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer, or the death of a loved one. Canteen provides connection with peers in similar situations, free counselling, 24/7 online support services for young people and parents, along with specialist support services for young cancer patients . Canteen is one of Australia’s leading cancer organisations where young people still guide the organisation at every level.

We help bring joy to kids who care for a family member

1 in 10 children in Australia have taken on the responsibility of caring for a family member with a disability. These adult responsibilities mean they often miss out on many of the joys of childhood that most kids take for granted. CaringKids is a registered charity that recognises the role of these young carers and works to reduce their feelings of loneliness and social isolation. We send them Toy Boxes, which we like to call Joy Boxes, packed with toys, games and books.

Because every child needs a champion

Barnardos hopes to end child abuse and neglect by supporting families to keep children and young people safe at home. We assist children and young people who have experienced trauma to recover and thrive. In situations where there is a risk of abuse, we find safe homes for them through foster care and open adoption.

Giving seriously ill children the best gift of all - their families

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, it impacts the whole family, turning lives upside down. That’s why Ronald McDonald house provides a range of programs to help families stay together and close to the care they need. RMHC is there for families when they need it most, right in their own communities. Often, families have to travel far from home to receive the medical care their child needs. In response, our 18 houses provide essential care and support for families, only steps away from the hospital.

Helping foster kids achieve their dreams

The Pyjama Foundation was founded to give children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills, and confidence. Volunteers, called Pyjama Angels, are matched with a child in care and spend time reading books aloud, playing educational games, and helping children with their homework.