About us

Established in 2013, Main Facilities is renowned for managing complex projects in Australia with a strong focus on safety, risk management, and stakeholder engagement. As a registered and certified NSW Government contractor, we've successfully completed projects in education, healthcare, corrections, courts, and commercial sectors across the state.

Our commitment extends to supporting local businesses and fostering lasting partnerships for sustainable community growth.

Company Overview

Providing better services for better communities

Commercial fit-out

We work with you to design and construct spaces that work for your people.

Roofing renewal

We provide safe and compliant roofing renewal and restoration works.


We work with you to understand your building refurbishment needs, for your people, your clients, your functionality, and aesthetic goals.

Facade repairs

We understand that deteriorating building exteriors compromise the structural integrity and aesthetics of your building, so we prioritise preserving the appearance, safety, and longevity of all building types.


Skilled in building restoration, we revitalise structures, preserving their historical significance, and enhancing functionality for a lasting transformation.

General building

We provide general building works across all trade-specific areas.ork for your people.

George Bancs


George Bancs, the Managing Director, has led the strategic vision and operational excellence of Main Facilities for a decade, with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and ethical business practices.

With 26 years of solid experience in the construction sector, George has consistently demonstrated dynamic leadership, project management, and business acumen, transforming Main Facilities into the company it is today.

Established in 2013, George takes special pride in Main Facilities' milestones in achieving sustainability and social responsibility. A particular focus is community engagement. Through George’s commitment to advancing local businesses in metropolitan and regional communities, giving back and empowering local areas , he has created a large and trusted multidisciplinary network statewide.

In a rapidly evolving construction industry, George is a pioneering leader, envisioning a future where construction practices harmonise with nature and benefit society at large. He is driven by the belief that responsible construction can contribute to a more sustainable world by minimising our footprint for generations to come. George continually explores new avenues, technologies, and collaborations to push the boundaries of sustainable construction and create a lasting, positive impact on the environment and communities.

Responsible sustainability

“We recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental footprint through the adoption of sustainable construction practices.

Our initiatives include reducing waste, conserving energy, utilising renewable resources, and employing eco-friendly materials wherever possible.”

George Bancs
Managing Director


Main Facilities is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards. Our priorities are safety, environmental sustainability, quality works, fair labour practices, and community engagement in all our projects to build a better future for all.


We see strength in diversity. We embrace and celebrate differences in race, gender, culture, and background. At Main Facilities, we foster a diverse and equitable workplace, where everyone's unique perspectives contribute to our success.


Main Facilities' integrity encompasses our unwavering ethical principles, honesty, transparency, and just practices in all of our interactions.

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